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By Walt Walton

Alert, insightful, & curious

Introverted, but yet I study the world with due diligence  

I’m self-sufficient, calm, & focused

Always learning, defeating my conflict, & staying true to my motivates

If I need to solve a problem, I study to seek the right path

I’m 4+1 or 2+3, you do the math

I focus intensely on mastering something that has, captured my interest

In certain situation, if you need more information, just check out my Pinterest

 Much of my time gets spent collecting, developing ideas, & skills

That I believe what makes me feel, confident & prepared

Sometimes I have real needs, but forget that they’re there

I’m a 2+2+1, the safety of my mind tells me ton

Like having foresight and prediction or being able to concentrate & become engrossed

In what has caught my attention, I’m really a Five

So I guess that makes this, an honorable mention


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