Posted on: May 19, 2022 Posted by: vufc2 Comments: 0

What best describes me? Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty

That might sound familiar

I have to stay true to my roots, guess what number I am?

I already gave you a clue & once again, I’m loyal to the soil

I try my best to never make a promise I can’t keep

Feeling supported by others is what motivates me

Every now & then I may wrestle with anxiety & insecurity

Instead of being pessimistic, I try to be optimistic

Besides those unhealthy thoughts can sometimes be unrealistic

I’m confident in making my own decisions

The world is full of mystery, it’s hard not to be suspicious

So, I protect & prepare because my personality is different

For growth I believe in my capabilities of building trust and thinking positively

I’m a six, just in case you couldn’t tell by the clues

I feel healthy & the worlds looking better as I embrace the positivity I pursue


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