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By Walt Walton

I don’t just want to experience anything, I want to go & experience everything

I bounce from adventure to activities, I want to avoid being bored, more then anything

I cope with this fear & try to preserver, when I feel in pain

So when it comes to life experience & interest compared to most, I have a wider range

At times I feel like an accomplished achiever,

I’m multi-talented & I carry some practical productive characteristics & features

I’m the excited 7 more know as the enthusiast aka enthusiastic

To have my needs filled is satisfying & it allows me to pursue life’s pleasures & passions

I’m mature but have a childlike energy, which strengthens my imaginative creativity

Sometimes I may struggle with focus, hoping that nobody will notice

Besides if they did, its nothing I’d forbid, because I’m upbeat, cheerful & always going


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