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By Walt Walton

Why wait willingly, when we want what we want we walk wickedly

Waiting while withering, life’s full of seasons

And absolute, applications, affirmative, affirmation, amazing, adequate, accolades

Bereavement, burials, barricades, complicated, copyists, dispensable

Education, failed, generational, history

Indirect, justice, knowing, legalistically

Mandated, negativity, oblivious, principles, quixotry

real, solidarity, technically, under, validated,

Witness, x-ray, yield, exonerated

That doesn’t start with a Z but just know, we’ve all been sleep

Judging one other by everything we don’t see

Overall, we all need the same four-letter word L-O-V-E

Reading of    {John 4:7-10}


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