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By Walt Walton

Highly favored, highly educated

But due to his circumstances, he never got situated  

His future was so bright & anticipated, everyone thought he make it

To grow up & be somebody famous, then a moment came that forever changed him

Funeral arrangements, vengeance is mine says The Lord

But he beg to differ, wishing the ambulance would’ve come quicker

Standing on the block as his associates in memory of his brother, pour out some liquor

He’s having flash backs of how the body lay, stiff & cold as December

As he’s shedding tears his face starts to quiver, flashback heighten his temper

The plot gets thicker, He had a tool in the toolbox, a lot of money in the shoe box

Sounds crazy right, it was crazy night, but not for him he lived a crazy life

Until a man stopped him dead in his tracks, “excuse young man where you are going with that?”

Once it’s done its done, there’s no turning back

You know all the pain you feel, there’s no relief when it comes to that

The pain will only be amplified, as a matter fact

Have you ever heard the gospel? How God sent his only begotten son to earth to die

For what you ask well the sin we commit, Therefore to God yourself you should submit

Be afflicted, and mourn, and weep: let your laughter be turned to mourning, & your joy to heaviness

I hope this truth hits

Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, & it’s you he shall lift, give me the gun

In that moment he handed it over, my condolences I’m here if you ever need a shoulder



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