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By Walt Walton

Trust in Him

God & man, what a mystery

Heaven on earth, he came to rescue me

“To whom the Son sets free, will be free indeed.”

He’s never made a promise, that He couldn’t keep

He reversed the consequences, to all our lives

If you’re in need of a savior, then look to Christ

Jesus, OH Jesus

Praying for the unrighteous, such were some was me & you

But you were washed, you were sanctified, & justified in the name of the One

We must give all credit to Jesus, OH Jesus

He endured the weight of sin & wrath of God, who could relate

Died on the cross for all our mistakes, took the crown of thorns

And his hands & feet took the stakes, Gods grace & mercy on that old rugged cross it was display

Jesus said to those who shall follow me, must deny themselves

Pick up their cross & follow me everyday Please Admit, Believe, Confess, & Repent

Before he comes back, it’s not too late, don’t live by your failures live by your faith


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