Veterans United Home Loans (VU) is a company dedicated to the home-ownership experience. But hopefully that isn’t all that it is. The employees of VU crafted three values that guide the collective along, and one of these values serves as an informal mission statement: Enhance Lives Every Day.

We want to use our lives to enhance the lives of others, both inside and outside of work.

And with that sentiment in mind, VU’s Faith & Community “department” was formed in 2013 to allow people opportunities to have their lives enhanced through deepening faith and improving community—hopefully experiencing greater peace on both vertical and horizontal relational planes.

Although a variety of programs are executed by this team, engagement is an ongoing, often organic day-by-day commitment. Here are our team members. If you’d like to reach out to any of us please do!

Katie Choi

Matt Gordon

Morgan Stoecklein

Ellen Nimmo

Heather Cox

Walt Walton

Kelly Wright

Brock Bondurant

Damon Fontinel

Leigh Ann Wanserski

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