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Episode XXVII – The guys discuss how Vegas always knows EVERYTHING about sports. Also, they recap Matt’s fandom of the now eliminated Chicago Bears. Plus, they make picks on this weekend’s NFL games . . . poorly. Like a couple of morons, actually. And milk is on the line. SPORTS!!!!!!

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Exploring the Enneagram

Welcome to Exploring the Enneagram! Kelly Wright is a certified Enneagram Teacher and Facilitator as well as a certified iEnneagram Motions of the Soul Facilitator and she’s excited to lead us on a ten week video series which will take a look at each of the Enneagram Numbers, that is, the nine different personalities which make up the Enneagram. Whether you are new to the Enneagram and are thinking, “The…

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We Can Have Hope

Hi. My name is Amy Drage and I was married for 31 years to the love of my life and to my best friend, John. Almost 2 years ago he got diagnosed with terminal Glioblastoma brain cancer. He was given 18 months to live. We began the journey of grieving our pain. We also began fervently making as many memories as possible and leaving a legacy for others on similar…

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Voices for Worship

By Ellen Nimmo “Save your voices for worship.” I read that sentence in book earlier this month and was thumped into thinking.  Stunned into silence.  Mediated into meditation.  And, I wonder, how does it sound to you – this idea of worship, of outward reverence and supplication? Does it sound complacent?  Uncaring?  Cliché?  Irrelevant?  Dumb?  Unconnected?  Senseless?  Or . . . like pure spring water to a thirsty soul?  Particularly…

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Episode XXVI – The guys make yet another public apology, talk expiration dates, stuffed crust pizza rivalry, and make some NFL playoff picks. Plus, can the Chiefs’ game age? Aside from quality, what more could you want? SPORTS!!!!!!!

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The Most Underrated Spiritual Discipline

By Jeremy Linneman Jeremy Linneman is lead pastor of Trinity Community Church, a church he planted in Columbia, Missouri. Prior to planting Trinity, he was a staff pastor of Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, Kentucky, for seven years. He is author of Life-Giving Groups: “How-To” Grow Healthy, Multiplying Community Groups (Sojourn Network, 2017). Jeremy and his wife, Jessie, have three sons and spend most of their free time outdoors. The…

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In Loving Memory

Last week, our dear friend Carrie Abshier passed away. Carrie was a leader, mentor, mother, and friend. She was a 32 year Army veteran and also enhanced lives as an employee at Veterans United. She was loved by so many. A celebration of her life will be held at 10AM on Thursday, January 7th at The Crossing in Columbia, MO. Health protocols and social distancing will be maintained at that…

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By Matt Gordon Gone are the days of quietly breaking New Year’s resolutions. When Abraham Lincoln invented the internet, it began as merely a place to buy and sell crops and get catfished, but now it is the broadcast hub of all delusions. Want to get skinny? Post it online while still masticating your “final” chocolate bar (or second to final, or first in a long series of chocolate farewells),…

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A Wonderful Thing You Just Can’t Shake

By Brock Bukowsky Sometime around 2010, I began to get convicted. Not in the way where you just shrug it off and move on, either. No, this was the sort of thing I couldn’t shake. As the company I co-founded grew, I became convinced that God had built a platform through our workplace to inspire people to deep, real faith. In fact I wrote that, and more, to our executive…

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Odds and Ends

Welcome to a weekly brief broadcast about. . .stuff. You might hear some old news, some new news, precarious predictions, a verse, a poem, fun facts and maybe even a joke here and there. It’s odds and ends! Wherever you are today, we’re glad you stopped by.

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Episode XXV – The guys look ahead and make bold predictions as part of SPECTIVE 2021. SPORTS!!!!!!

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The Hidden Heart

By Lynn Roush Lynn Roush, MA, PLPC started a Counseling Ministry at The Crossing in Columbia, Missouri 14 years ago, and has enjoyed providing counseling and teaching classes on marriage and parenting ever since. As a Christian counselor, Lynn strives to integrate biblical wisdom on human nature with sound psychological research on human development to help people grow.  Lynn enjoys CrossFit, watching her 3 kids play sports, and sitting on porch…

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Focus 2021

By Rhonda Maydwell Rhonda Maydwell works at Veterans United and is part of the Home Buying Concierge team. She currently lives in Columbia, MO. Rhonda studied English and Religious Studies at Mizzou and is using her talents as a staff writer for She’s also a wife, mother, and friend to many. Like many people, over the years I have made many New Year’s Resolutions… and most of them have flopped. Before…

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Favorites of 2020

This year has been a wild ride.  There’s been change, division, uncertainty, and plain ol’ strangeness.  But, with all that came some good things too.  Opportunities.  Opportunities for change, to try on new endeavors, learn from old ones, and move forward, towards more understanding, more unity.  As we think back on this extraordinary year, we wanted to share a few of our favorite words and moments each Monday through the…

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The Ouachita Wilderness – A Christmas Memory

By Ellen Nimmo Eagle Rock Loop.  It’s a 26.8 mile trail in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas and Oklahoma.  The loop contains a number of hills and mountains which make up a, if not colorful, at least curious, nominal list of footnotes in any wanderer’s tale:  Raspberry Mountain, Hurricane Knob, Sugartree, Leader, Blaylock, Bresh Heap and Fodderstack Mountains.  The Little Missouri River runs through the loop with many an adjoining…