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      1. very interesting, the reply section auto-corrected ‘trash’ to ‘great’ on my comment. enough with the name dropping Zach, no one cares you had to sit on at least one if not two telephone books to valet park cars. more SPORTS!!!, less random talking by degenerates about parallel parking and car karaoke…

  1. i will say, loved the sponsorship promos and you kicking this idiot Mitch character out at the end of the episode, maybe y’all are turning things around……finally

  2. I’ve gotta say, I’ve been in tears on the latest two episodes. I’m not sure if that’s what you’re going for, but this is hilarious. I really like Matt. And Zach is there too.

  3. is there an unwritten rule in podcasting that would prevent someone from starting a podcast talking about sports and other non-sense that would ultimately be better than other sports podcasts out there? asking for a friend…

  4. Finally! FINALLLLLYYYYY!!!! Someone out there agrees with me that newborn babies are NOTE CUTE! They are 100% little aliens for the first week of their life, wrinkled heads and all.

  5. Zach is ALWAYS looking at baby dresses now here in X-Ray. Apparently his size is still covered in the “baby” section. Z-baby Doll is no joke

    1. Brock, thank you for listening to Sports!!!!!!. While small in stature, I like to think I make up for in heart. Some would say I’m in the XXL section of that department.

  6. I’m a good 13 minutes in and have not heard a thing about sports. Is your target audience 8 year old bed wetting dogs?? Kidding kidding. You had me at “My Buddy, My Buddy” … Thanks for being hilarious Buddy’s.

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